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in the climate movement

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Grow environmental knowledge; branch out with other creators.

Art as radical climate action

We are a non-profit, member-based organization that uses creativity, environmental education, and community building to empower local action and illuminate the systems that perpetuate the social and environmental inequality killing us and our planet.

We believe in combining creativity and environmental consciousness in a way that creates community, builds skills, and enacts change.

Who are Climate Creatives?

We’re artists, designers, crafters, project managers, coders, students, teachers, entrepreneurs, activists, and beyond using our skills to better our planet. 

We’re you.

We believe everyone is creative and can employ creative problem-solving to enact change.

Recent Creations

Check out some of the recent work created by our community members.

Regenerative Future
Paras Singh

The Future of Food

The Vision The 3 E’s to guide the future of food The food of the future is dependent on the future of food, and vice versa. Climate change – one

Regenerative Future
Joy Drew Hallas

Biomimicry & The Future of Design

What is Biomimicry? Biomimicry is the act of observing nature to learn from it’s innate problem-solving abilities. We can use what we learn from nature to solve everyday design issues

The Climate Gallery

A current Climate Creative project under development. The Climate Gallery is a virtual reality gallery featuring multi-medium works from a diverse group of climate-focused artists.

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