We believe that the combination of community building and creative thinking forges a strong tool with which to combat climate change.

By encouraging people to explore solutions and create with their own hands, we empower them to act and stay active in the environmental movement.

Guiding principles

  1. Climate change is the world’s most serious, all-encompassing problem.

  2. Everyone is creative and can employ creative problem-solving to enact change.

  3. Creatives are some of the best people at unearthing truths, communicating clearly, and inspiring movements.

  4. Sustainability and human rights are intertwined and must be treated that way.

  5. Language is important.

Frame works

Environmental Justice
  Culturally Competent Communication   Information-to-action

Our Activities

The Laundry List:

  • Professional development
  • Eco-creative community building
  • Professional environmental impact education
  • Idea incubation
  • Direct action opportunities & volunteering 
  • Workshops, speaking, & events
  • Resources
  • Public education campaigns
  • Partnerships with climate orgs and activists
  • Amplify the good work of others

Direct programming: Climate Creative hosts key programs, like the Climate Creative Cohort, that directly engage, educate, and mobilize artists and creatives.

Member-run programming: Members join one or multiple teams (Education Team, Art Team, Action Team, Resource Team, Social Team, Community Development, etc.) that match their interest and act as organizers to build their own projects and initiatives. 

Green in all the right ways

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