We’re building momentum for climate action via creative communication and community building.

Who we are

Climate Creative is an environmental justice, arts non-profit.

We use creativity, environmental education, and community building to empower local action and illuminate the systems that perpetuate the social and environmental inequality killing us and our planet.

We believe in combining creativity and environmental consciousness in a way that creates community, builds skills, and enacts change.


Catherine Joei Ramin

Consultant & Fellow–Cohort One

Raised in NYC, Cathy has lived in SF since 2013. She spent 12+ years building brands and products in the fashion industry. She loves making and editing videos and gong on adventures with her cattle dog mix, Indy.

Claire O'Shea

Social Designer

Claire is a multi-talented social designer that specializes in outdoor installations, typography, and graphic design for impact. When she’s not planning social outreach campaigns as a leader of Climate Creative’s Social Team, she’s busy organizing beach cleanups and making creative new youth education campaigns.

Elexis Padrón

Fellow–Cohort Two

Artist, educator, naturalist, and deeply curious human. Avid hiker and camper in a constant state of wonder with all things wild. She loves to read and nerd out about worm bins and other ways to reduce one’s carbon footprint.

Joy Musillo

User Experience Research Consultant & Fellow–Cohort One and two

Charismatic and intuitive UX Researcher. Compassionate, people-first INTJ. Operational navigator. Proactive and start-up agile. Strong, aural learner. Planet saving, road trip warrior.

Karina Zalac

Visual Content Marketing Strategist & Fellow–Cohort One and two

Visual Communication Designer, craft enthusiast, jigsaw puzzler, micro-adventurer, and perpetual-planner that likes to stay organized and productive. She is passionate about worldwide travel and values user-centered design and sustainability.

Lauren Dirgo

Fellow–Cohort Two

Multi-passionate idealist with a Masters in Sustainable Transportation and an affinity for anything involving color and design, especially visual communication and marketing design. She’s a lifelong learner, designer, artist, gardener, and avid fantasy/scifi book reader.

Lisa Beth Anderson

Fellow–Cohort Two

Lisa Beth Anderson is a migration scholar, visual researcher, and multimedia producer. She helps nonprofit organizations listen more deeply to the people they attempt to serve.

Logan Evasco

Founder & Director

Social impact designer, community organizer, and environmental activist passionate about systems design and equity. Founded Climate Creative to foster creativity of all disciplines into tools for climate action. 

Monica Dang

Fellow–Cohort Two

Digital marketer passionate about sustainability and the ways we relate to the evolving world today (and tomorrow). Always curious and looking to expand her mind.

Mitsu Okuno


Born and currently based in Tokyo, Mitsu joined the environmental movement with 350 Japan, later attending zero waste and circular trainings at the Zero Waste Academy and the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. Now he works as the Director of General Affairs at Zero Waste Japan.

Nik Evasco

Consultant & Fellow–Cohort one and two

Unconventional educator, systems thinker, and organizer active in the immigrants rights and climate justice movements.

Paras Singh

Resource Manager & Fellow–Cohort Two

Works in climate policy and sustainable development, to bridge the science-policy gap. Passionate about climate change education and communication. Interested in the worlds of art, music, and documentary filmmaking, and if they’re climate-related, even better!

Suzy Rigsby

Content Strategist

Artist, professor, journalist, strategist, creator, and idea generator. 

What we believe

Climate change is the world's most serious, all-encompassing problem.

Everyone is creative and can employ creative problem solving to enact change.

Creatives are some of the best people at unearthing truths, communicating clearly, and inspiring movements.

Sustainability and human rights are intertwined and must be treated that way.

Language is important.

What we do


For creatives

Build up creatives

  • Professional Development
  • Eco-creative community building
  • Professional Environmental Impact Education
  • Idea Incubation
  • Direct Action Opportunities & Volunteering 
  • Workshops & Events
  • Resources


For climate orgs/activists & the public

Amplify climate action

  • Partnerships with climate orgs and activists
  • Low-to-no cost communication services for climate orgs
  • Public education campaigns
  • Resources & case studies
  • Amplifying the good work of others
  • Workshops and group creative-thinking education opportunities

Outcomes by audience

Multimedia communications for the future!
We’re using any medium necessary to reach the inactive, but climate aware public with interesting, audience specific, and educational information with clear, direct calls-to-actions. The defeatist feeling which makes us all wonder at times, “what can one person do?” is overly pervasive and as dangerous as ever. Every Climate Creative campaign starts with the question, “How might we best communicate to inspire action for this audience?”

Build skills; build collaboration.
Whether a creative person is a veteran of the environmental movement or just ready to get started, we help those individuals grow their environmentally aware practice. We do this through facilitating information sharing and networking through our community, through direct trainings and workshops to build skills, and through connecting creatives to environmental opportunities with like-minded organizations and programs. We believe every project and company can benefit from an environmentally minded creative on their team.

Amplifying good work.
We know that there’s no need to recreate the wheel! That’s why we work with environmental O.G.s to build their messages, stories, and brand to enhance the great work they’re already doing. We’re just adding a little secret sauce that reduces the stress of not being able to focus on your mission.

How we do it

Theory of Change

We believe that the combination of community building and creative thinking forges a strong tool with which to combat climate change. By encouraging people to explore solutions and create with their own hands, we empower them to act and stay active in the environmental movement. 


Envisioning the Future

We envision an equitable, regenerative future built on the principles of community, creativity, and justice.

Get in touch

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