The Bay Area

Climate Sign Project

About the project

Climate Creative works with local Bay Area climate action organizations to do screen printing events for their members and communities.

Organizations hosting the workshops will:


Participants of the workshops will:

  • Learn the basics of screen printing
  • Take home a sign for their window
  • Get educated on local climate legislation efforts

Host an event

For organizations and organizers looking to mobilize community around local climate action

How it works

1. Fill out interest form below
2. Choose a date: Work with Climate Creative to find a date for your screen printing event
Decide if it’s a fundraiser: Do you want to have a ticket price/suggested donation for the event?
4. Send out and promote: Share the Climate Creative provided event link to your network and share provided (or make your own) social assets
5. Show up, screenprint, and learn! Climate Creative will bring the supplies, teach the screen printing workshop, and give an overview of local climate legislation efforts.
6. Recieve local supporter map and contact list
7. Watch signs pop up in your neighborhood!

Other information

Event Marketing Handled: Climate Creative makes an Eventbrite event & social media posts to share and promote the event

Cost: It’s free! But if you decide to make the event a fundraiser, we ask that we split the proceeds to pay for supplies and time. We’ll also put out a tip jar.

Make a sign

You r