Cohort Application

About the Climate Creative Cohort

The Climate Creative Cohort is an 8-week creative collaborative endeavor. You’ll work with a group of like-minded, differently skilled individuals to ideate, plan, and execute a climate campaign. The program is a professional development opportunity that seeks to build participants’ creative skills, professional network, database of resources, portfolio, catalog of references, understanding of environmental issues and impacts, and will to fight climate change.

Depending on the member’s skillsets, needs, and cohort facilitator this campaign may be in collaboration with a partner organization or a completely self-contained educational or action campaign. 

Cohort Run Period: The week of September 26th – The week of November 23rd

Schedule: 1 hour all-team meeting per week, 1-10 hours of individual work per week, occasional ad-hoc inter-team collaborations as needed

Expected Outcomes: Completed climate campaign guided by the intent to create action, a new network of climate-minded creatives (AKA friends), potential work references, portfolio materials, and support to continue your work further.

Who we’re looking for: Creative individuals who care about the fate of our environment, creating positive climate action, and who enjoy working with others. Team work, critical thinking, and an excitement for new ideas are a must. There’s no need to have a sustainability background to get involved (but if you do, great!), just a willingness to learn. We highly encourage applicants from diverse backgrounds to apply.

A note on how we think about “creativity” – Please don’t be afraid to apply because you don’t think of yourself as a classically artistic person. Everyone is creative in their own way! We just ask that you’re willing to explore the creativity that works for you.

About Climate Creative: Climate Creative is an environmental justice, media advocacy non-profit. We use art, creativity, and media in all forms to illuminate the frankly effed up systems that perpetuate environmental and social inequality that is killing us and our planet. We believe in combining creativity and environmental consciousness in a way that creates community, builds skills, and enacts change.

Application Closes on September 18th

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Logan Evasco

Founding Cohort Member

Social impact designer, community organizer, and environmental activist passionate about systems design and equity. Founded Climate Creative to foster creativity of all disciplines into tools for climate action. 

Catherine Joei Ramin

Founding Cohort Member

Raised in NYC, Cathy has lived in SF since 2013. She spent 12+ years building brands and products in the fashion industry. She loves making and editing videos and gong on adventures with her cattle dog mix, Indy.

Joy Musillo

Founding Cohort Member

Charismatic and intuitive UX Researcher. Compassionate, people-first INTJ. Operational navigator. Proactive and start-up agile. Strong, aural learner. Planet saving, road trip warrior.

Karina Zalac

Founding Cohort Member

Visual Communication Designer, craft enthusiast, jigsaw puzzler, micro-adventurer, and perpetual-planner that likes to stay organized and productive. She is passionate about worldwide travel and values user-centered design and sustainability.

Nik Evasco

Founding Cohort Member

Unconventional educator, systems thinker, and organizer active in the immigrants rights and climate justice movements.

Suzy Rigsby

Founding Cohort Member

Artist, professor, journalist, strategist, creator, and idea generator. 

The cohort application is currently closed.

Please check back in November for the next application period. Thank you!