Connection Cards

The Vision

Connecting with nature

In the future, humans have brought themselves back from the brink of a climate disaster. How did they do it?

The simple answer is: they started to care. Humans realized that they are not separate from nature, but instead an integral part of the earth’s ecosyste–and one capable of creating major imbalance. They had forgotten what soil felt like beneath their feet; how to listen to the world around them; how to accept guidance from the wisdom of time that all natural things carry. But when they started to slow down, listen actively, look a little closer, the connection between themselves and the natural world not only became apparent again, but became a widely accepted norm. Humans tend to their relationship with nature as they tend to any human relationship–by spending quality time with it, providing acts of service, speaking and listening, physically tending to the land, and giving the gift of stewardship. 

The Project

Cards: Artifacts for learning

The activities on these cards are some of the practices humans have adopted. They have been perspective-shifting, educating, and love-inducing. They have mobilized people to be the change we needed to save our beloved planet and all it has to offer us. 

Connections cards are a set of 15 prompts intended to help humans foster a  new connection, or nurture an existing connection, to the natural world. They can be used by humans of all ages.

The Practice

Guiding connection

The artist, Elexis Padrón, joined by photographer Lisa Anderson, explore some activities in Connection Cards. 

The Consideration

How biomimicry was considered

The Plan of Action

How we can achieve this vision of the future

About The Artist

Elexis Padrón

Elexis Padrón

Artist, educator, naturalist, and deeply curious human. Avid hiker and camper in a constant state of wonder with all things wild. She loves to read and nerd out about worm bins and other ways to reduce one’s carbon footprint.

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