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Spring Cohort Starts March 20th!

The Climate Creative Cohort is hosted twice a year in spring and fall. It’s an 8-week creative professional development fellowship that allows participants to grow their environmental knowledge and use their creative and problem-solving skills to make a final social-impact oriented project. The cohort is a collaborative endeavor that seeks to build participants’ creative skills, professional network, database of resources, portfolio, catalog of references, understanding of environmental issues and impacts, and will to fight climate change.

Apply by March 15th

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Do you want to want to use your creative communication skills and guide our social strategy? We’d love to hear from you!


Are you working on a creative project, but need some accountability buddies/feedback/inspiration/collaborators? Join us on Wednesdays for “Art-countability” our weekly creative climate coworking session!

We’ll do quick project introductions, then we’ll use the Pomodoro Technique (30 minutes on, 5-minute breaks) to get some work done! You can get to know other creatives, find potential collaborators, and have the support of others to work on your projects. 

Join our monthly media club!

Every month Climate Creative does a multi-media club (think book club but with videos and podcasts) where we read one article and watch/listen to one video/film/podcast then discuss it together. The discussion is live streamed on Facebook and we do a write-up of the media which we publish on our CCTV Resource Newsletter. So come join us!

Resource Newsletter: CCTV

Sign up for environmental field notes curated for eco-conscious creatives looking for inspiration, new tools, and a way to keep up with environmental legislation and news. Also includes reviews of articles and media from the Media Club!


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