SFSU Summer Design Researchers

As the summer draws to an end we want to highlight the exceptional work of our two Summer Design Researchers, Louis Terreros and Winnie Guan.

Louis and Winnie worked with Climate Creative founder Logan Evasco over the summer as part of their DES 505: Senior Design Projects coursework at San Francisco State University. Their research was completed during an 8-week collaboration that helped Climate Creative better solidify our brand identity and explore an ideal system to host future design-a-thon style events to benefit environmentally focused community partners.

Their research focused on creating successful systems to improve existing visual communication methods for community action events. Some of the final visual and systems suggestions included graphic outreach campaign posters, social outreach strategies, distinct campaign branding, event follow-up information distribution, and targeted post-event surveying. The combination of these visual and process solutions are meant to bolster attendance, improve post-event engagement, and create an iterative process to improve future events. The culmination of their work earned them acknowledgment as a top capstone project this summer.

Climate Creative plans to incorporate their findings and suggestions into the planning of a regional climate summit this winter as well as future workshops and events.

Design-a-thon Poster Capstone Presentation, San Francisco State University

Learn more about our summer researchers and their introductory experiences working in sustainability design:

Question: How did you become interested in design and what do you want out of it?
Louis Terreros: I have always had an interest in creating things ever since computers were introduced in my life. Time always flies by as I do digital artwork. It’s my hope that, through design, I am able to continue creating meaningful work that can make a lasting difference in the world – whether that difference is local or global. And that is why I decided to major in Visual Communication Design at San Francisco State University.

Question: What was it like to think about environmental problems from a design perspective?
Louis Terreros: Thinking about environmental problems from a design perspective helped me think critically and allowed me to explore real, tangible problems that I would not have originally thought I would cover as a design student. It also helped me realize that design is a crucial skill that can be utilized in today’s problematic world which seek solutions than can be solved through design.

Question: What type of design career are you looking for?
Winnie Guan: In terms of design as a career, I would like to do informational graphics or other designs for environmental or social issues. I have a passion in this area because I think that everyone should know about and be concerned about our environment and other wide-spread social issues because they are so important to our daily lives and our futures.

Question: What are you hoping to get from looking at environmental and social issues from a design lense?
Winnie Guan: Since I’m majoring in Visual Communication Design, I hope that I can help increase awareness of environmental degradation through social media, visual campaigns, and volunteer activities. I hope that through these knowledge campaigns we can make a larger impact in reducing the production and purchase of non-environmentally friendly materials.

Question: What was it like working with Louis and Winnie this summer?
Logan Evasco: Louis and Winnie were an absolute pleasure to work with. They both exhibited enthusiasm, professionalism, creativity and a collaborative spirit in this project and I’m looking forward to working with them on future projects to come. I also want to thank SFSU’s design program and Professor Ricardo Gomes for including me and Climate Creative in this process as a community partner. We benefited greatly from the expertise and enthusiasm of these students. 


Louis Terreros, Logan Evasco, and Winnie Guan at the SFSU Capstone Presentation

Check out Louis’ Behance for more of his projects!

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