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💻📗🪱 Think 'book club,' but without all the guilt.

The Climate Creative Media Club is a monthly multi-media discussion group. Every month we choose a topic and engage in a small group discussion about one article and one multi-media piece (movie, video, podcast, art exhibit, etc.). They’re fast to read (well, faster than a book at least) and fun to engage with. Every month Media Club members vote on the topic then submit some resources for the next month’s club discussion.

✨Creating something new.✨

What makes us different than just an article club or book club is that we take the outcomes of the discussion and turn them into new creations to share our knowledge and perspectives. This means making videos, social media explainers, and newsletters. It also helps us populate our resource archive, so that’s cool.

🦥 Can't make it? Get the Cliff Notes.

After every discussion we publish the most interesting points in our Climate Creative TV Substack Newsletter and publish the discussion video for people who were unable to make the chat. 

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