For Organizations


Movements are made stronger when we collaborate rather than compete. Join our work and let us facilitate yours!

Organizational partners work with us in different ways and have a number of benefits. Partners are generally environmental organizations, educational institutions, or social impact companies that we provide a service for or keep in close contact with for information sharing, cross-collaboration, etc.

We’re currently looking for partnerships that can provide professional development and volunteer/work opportunities to our Creative Cohorts and members as well as organizations that are looking for help improving their creative/systems/design-thinking skills or need visual assets and marketing work. We’d also love to hear from organizations looking to share their opportunities with our network.

Some Activities Organizational Partners Engage In:
  1. Providing mentorship to our Creative Cohorts and/or members
  2. Working on a common environmental communication campaigns
  3. Becoming a highlighted/suggested volunteer organization for our members
  4. Writing for our publications or newsletter 
  5. Sharing opportunities with our network
  6. Speaking at our panels or workshops 
Some Activities Organizational Partners Receive:
  1. Workshops on creativity, design-thinking in the climate movement
  2. Low-to-no cost marketing/design/art services from Climate Creative (Must be climate change-related campaign or org).
  3. Referrals for arts or communications work 

Let's Talk

Thank you for your interest in partnering with us!
Let us know what you’re looking for and how we might be able to work together. Movements are stronger together!

Are you interested in working with our Climate Cohort or members?
Are you interested in submitting to our publications, newsletter, or sharing opportunities (volunteer, work, etc.) to our network?
Are you interested in Climate Creative speaking or hosting a workshop for your organization?
Are you interested in receiving art/design services? If so, which ones: