For Creatives

Build skills; build collaboration.
Whether a creative person is a veteran of the environmental movement or just ready to get started, we help those individuals grow their environmentally aware practice. We do this through facilitating information sharing and networking through our community, through direct trainings and workshops to build skills, and through connecting creatives to environmental opportunities with like-minded organizations and programs. We believe every project and company can benefit from an environmentally minded creative on their team.


Climate Creative Cohort

Hosted twice a year in spring and fall, the Climate Creative Cohort an 8-week creative professional development fellowship that allows participants to grow their environmental knowledge and use their creative and problem-solving skills to make a final social-impact-oriented project.

Impact & Outcomes:

  • Professional Development – Creative tools, systems-thinking, etc. 
  • Professional Development – Environmental issue and impact education
  • Networking
  • Idea Incubation

Events & Workshops

Online and in-person workshops and lectures about using creativity to contribute to climate action and the implications of our current design processes and materials on the planet. 

Past events include:
– SF Design Week: Design vs. Climate Change – Strategizing for Action
– AIGA SF Compostmodern Fall 2019: The Problems with Recycling
– Designed by Community – Building Resilient Communities to Combat Climate Change
– Connect&Compute – Social Impact Design
– Launch Panel
– SFSU Design 505 Community Partnership Lecture
– USF Sustainable Systems Design Guest Lecture

Impact & Outcomes:

  • Design-thinking
  • Environmental outcomes of physical design
  • Idea-to-action training 

Community Resource Archive

Our online community-built resource archive is a place for creatives to find and share tools that have helped them in their work, be it creative or keeping up with environmental theory and news. 

Currently internal. Public facing archive to come. 

Impact & Outcomes 

  • Education
  • Tools
  • Self-learning 

Job & Volunteer Connections

We connect creatives to environmental volunteer and work opportunities.

Online program coming soon. 

Impact & Outcomes:

  • Professional Development 

For Activists and Organizations

Amplifying good work.
We know that there’s no need to recreate the wheel! That’s why we work with environmental O.G.s to build their messages, stories, and brand to enhance the great work they’re already doing. We’re just adding a little secret sauce that reduces the stress of not being able to focus on your mission.


Low-to-no Cost Design Services

For organizations and campaigns with missions closely tied to climate change, we provide low-to-no cost design services and creative management. 

Impact & Outcomes:

  • Improving clarity of communication and increasing engagement for important projects 

Workshops & Lectures

Looking for a creative experience for your staff or volunteers? We host design-thinking and recycling workshops and lectures. We can also teach an intro to marketing tools for staff. 

Impact & Outcomes:

  • Professional development
  • Education
  • Team bonding
  • Hands-on activities

Publishing & Sharing To Network

We connect our network of creatives to volunteering, work, and educational opportunities as shared by partner organizations. We also have opportunities to write for our blog and newsletter when appropriate. 

Impact & Outcomes:

  • Expanding organizational reach 

For the Public

Multimedia communications for the future!
We’re using any medium necessary to reach the inactive, but climate aware public with interesting, audience specific, and educational information with clear, direct calls-to-actions. The defeatist feeling which makes us all wonder at times, “what can one person do?” is overly pervasive and as dangerous as ever. Every Climate Creative campaign starts with the question, “How might we best communicate to inspire action for this audience?”


Public Education via Campaigns

We use art and communication to engage the public on the severity of climate change and the actions they can take to participate in climate action.

Impact & Outcomes:

  • Spread awareness of climate impacts and mitigating actions people can take