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2023 Climate Creative
Artist In Residence

Mira Musank

Mira Musank is a textile upcycling artist based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her creative garments are inspired by runway experiences from her fashion blogging days. Mira’s medium is sewing, weaving, and hand embroidery.

Mira’s materials of choice are pre-owned clothes, factory cut-offs, and fabric samples. These so-called “textile wastes” are actually treasures that she transforms into custom garments and home decor. She also works to redistribute rescued materials to the local community for creative reuse.Her works of reimagining, repairing, and refashioning garments can be seen at and @miramusank on Instagram.  She’s always looking for new channels and collaborations to expand awareness around textile overconsumption and waste. Mira and her works have been profiled in publications such as California Elegance book (Rizzoli New York) and Simply Sewing Magazine (United Kingdom).

About the
Residency Program

The climate creative residency program is a year-long artist support ecosystem that helps the selected artist(s) to produce climate-focused artwork. Support includes stipends, marketing, show production, mentorship, and more.

Artists are welcomed to apply for the residency program in October of each year.

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