the Body + the Land: Community Audio Art Archive in the Bay Area

We all know our environment and our health are connected, but how? What does birdsong do for our mood? How does living with frequent earthquakes change our imaginations? What do we learn about our own bodies from the redwood trees?

Climate Creative is so excited to be working with Invisible International to create “the Body + the Land,” a Community Audio Art Archive and in-person audio tour that invites people living in the San Francisco Bay Area to share their ideas about how living in the Bay shapes their health. And we want you to be a part of it!

Starting today, people can call in to (510) 519-1506 and leave a message responding to the question:

Tell us where in the Bay you live and how you see this place—its trees, and people; its parks and wildlife; its air and its weather—shaping your health.


Call In To Contribute

(510) 519-1506‬


More About The Project

We hope to use these responses to speak back to communities and decision-makers in the future, to illuminate lived experiences, especially from communities that are often invisible. We will also be compiling the audio responses in an audio-art walking tour at the Bulb via an installation. We chose this spot because of its local, community-driven organization and also because participants will be able to visualize the communities that speak into the project.

The project is led by Invisible International, a non-profit organization that focuses on vector-borne and environmental illness, utilizing a One Health framework. We’re also working with Lisa Beth Anderson, a local artist, photographer, and activist to create this installation. Lisa often walks her dog at the Bulb and is an East Bay resident.

If you or your organization would like to get further involved, please reach out to and/or

Community Launch Festival: May 6th

We have planned a May 6th launch festival, to be held at the Albany Bulb. We are planning on having an environmental art project, kite flying, and other joyous activities on the May 6th event – designed for all generations and families.

Learn More and RSVP on Invisible’s Website


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