The World Burns Differently

We know our world is burning. It’s the drive that moves us, that brings people into the movement and that strengthens our resolve for a just future.

We also know that the world burns differently depending on who you are. For Black communities the world burns because of systemic injustices. Injustices that are written into local and national laws that redline communities, suppress voters, defund schools and explicitly and covertly provide preferences for those currently in power. Injustices that prioritize violence by police and military occupations over peoples’ futures and lives in communities worldwide. Injustices that destroy communities, cultures and countries for exploitation and to steal resources to fund capitalist greed.

Environmental justice is inherently rooted in racial justice. The global struggle for a liveable future that tears down oil refineries, that abolishes logging and that stops the seas from consuming us is fought by Black and Indigenous front line communities where the pains are felt far greater. Environmental justice is tied to overthrowing the centuries long destruction of colonization, global apartheid and slavery.

We stand with the Movement for Black Lives. We stand with global decolonization.

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