ZacPack: Reduce Packaging Waste

The Vision

Reducing packaging waste

ZacPak Backpacks are the new grocery store essential accessory. All grocery stores have made the switch to zero-waste and single-use packaging is no longer available to consumers. Grocery shopping is made easy by shopping with your Zacpak in the cart which then gets checkout automatically.

The Project

Introducing the ZacPak

Zacpak comes in five different colors that are made with waterproof, reusable, and washable cotton-lotus. These backpacks are designed for any grocery run–big or small, with its customizable module design. Add ons are available at an extra cost that can just be easily applied onto the backpack body by Velcro.

Additional Add-ons: 

The Consideration

How biomimicry was considered

The Plan of Action

How we can achieve this vision of the future

About The Artist

Karina Zalac

Karina Zalac

Visual Communication Designer, craft enthusiast, jigsaw puzzler, micro-adventurer, and perpetual-planner that likes to stay organized and productive. She is passionate about worldwide travel and values user-centered design and sustainability.

About The Author